Lean Production

<< Lean Thinking is “lean” because it provides a way to do more and more with less and less – less human effort, less equipment, less time and less space – while coming closer and closer to provising customers with exactly what they want. >>
[Womak, J. And Jones, D. (1996), Lean Thinking, Touchstone books, London (p.15)]


In EL.CO. SrL, every improvement project starts from a foundation: to create greater value for the customer.
To achieve this goal, starting from 2022, the company has begun to adopt the Lean Production system, a system born in Japan in the mid-twentieth century. Lean thinking is based on the pursuit of waste (MUDA) and process improvement is constantly evolving generating value for the customer.
The company EL.CO. SrL began to embrace this philosophy starting from Lean Production and then moving towards Lean Design, Lean Sales and Lean Supply Chain. To spread the idea of ​​Lean Thinking, a people office (Kaizen Promotion Office) was created with the aim of creating a corporate culture.
Through continuous improvement (KAIZEN) the company continues to monitor processes and improve them, because without data there are no prerequisites to improve and standardize processes.
Lean Production

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