Multifunction serial interface for conversion of RS485 communication port in ethernet bus with TCP/IP protocol using ethernet network with applications and equipment with S485 serial communication ports with following characteristics:

DIN rail mounting of 3 modules of 17,5mm
auxiliary supply 115-230 Vac 50-60Hz or 24 Vac/dc
2 serial input RS485
1 RJ45 output for connection ethernet network
frontal led for status signalling


a. ELI-10LE converter is a bridge Modbus/TCP/IP and Modbus/ASCII/RTU. The serial port is connected to Modbus/ASCII Modbus/RTU devices or a network of devices, while Ethernet port is connected to SERVER/PC or PLC. The commends are sent from the Server in ethernet line to ELI-10LE converter and the slave device receives them after they have been converted.

b. Serial-Over-IP: RS232 port may not be on the PC, but serial interface continue to be widespread in many sectors like such as security and automation. ELI-10LE converter offer the solution serial-over IP wich combine the simplicity of serial communication with networking TCP/IP protocol.

There are two basic way to use ELI-10LE Serial-overIP described below:

1. Virtual Serial Ports
The virtual Serial Port Driver for Windows allows to enter to ethernet port of the dispositive like a real COM port of your PC.

2. Direct Tep link
ELI-10LE device support the standard protocol TCP/IP. The communication is by opening a socket and data exchange with serial port of devices is properly.
Technical data (PDF Format)