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<< Lean Thinking is “lean” because it provides a way to do more and more with less and less – less human effort, less equipment, less time and less space – while coming closer and closer to provising customers with exactly what they want. >>
[Womak, J. And Jones, D. (1996), Lean Thinking, Touchstone books, London (p.15)]

EL.CO. Srl represents the ideal partner for those who are looking for complete solutions for the design, production and assembly of electronic boards, especially in highly critical sectors such as inverters for welding machines, vending machine controls, LCD displays, and boards for pellet stoves . We also offer the possibility of resining the electronic boards directly into the containers. Our company has a purchasing office and a technical office dedicated to product design and evolution, as well as an SMT department with cutting-edge equipment such as Pick and Place, screen printing and reflow oven. Furthermore, we have a department for the assembly and welding of PTH components, a department for functional testing, and a department dedicated to resin coating. We also have a climatic chamber to test the electronic boards at different temperatures. Thanks to our structure and component stock management, customized for each customer, we are able to satisfy the most demanding requests for the development and assembly of any type of electronic board. Our ability to provide complete customer-specific boards and equipment is a strong point in our customer management.