Work wonders.
With Power.


Connect and program like never before.
Say hello to the new software integrated with ELCO products. Explore how to set all the parameters of ELCO products belonging to the Sphere Line.
Stay in moment with focus. And so much more.

Smart Connection
Introducing TCP/IP connection
Keep connect together all the product belonging to the Sphere Line. It's an entirely new way to have experiences with the electrical products. You will never forget.
Discover modbus
Forgot. Lost. With the discover modbus function you can search for devices connected to the ELCO EyE. If the device exists ELCO EyE will find it. 
All together
ELCO EyE can't know the other products in the market but can find if a modbus address is busy for an unknown device. Beautiful. All devices together. 
Sphere Line
Learn more with a tap
With the Sphere Line you can quickly connect your products with a single line. With ELCO EyE you can quickly program it.
Follow the Sphere
With the beatiful symbol you can find ease which products are belong to the Sphere Line. Are you lazy? Don't worry. The products belong to the Spheee.....
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