Think big
in a small product

SSR 51


If your wiring is tired of products that are too large or not working, this product can help you solve your problems completely.

Here the versions

Output        Output         Input
    Current       Voltage        Voltage

              25A            24 - 280 VAC        18...28,8 VDC
           25A            24 - 280 VAC         9...18 VDC 
        25A            24 - 280 VAC         4...9 VDC

The power to be small

Easy to use. Easy to install. SSR51 has been designed to be the smallest compact relay in the world. With SSR51 you can have more. A powerful and compact relay in 3 versions compatible with other single-phase relays.

Even more reason to go to SSR51


How not to love such a product? Imagine if you had to order a thousand. Too powerful.