Digital multimeters and serial interfaces

Digital multifunction multimeters

interfaces for multimeters EL.CO.


  • DIN rail mounting ( 3 or 6 modules)
  • Flush in panel (96x96mm)
  • Measured parameters:
    a) phase and three phase voltage
    b) phase to phase and three phase system voltages
    c) phase and three phase currents
    d) phase and three phase power factors
    e) phase and three phase active powers
    f) phase and three phase system reactive powers
    g) phase and three-phase system apparent powers
    h) three phase average powers
    i) three phase forecasted average powers
    l) frequency
    m) three phase active energy
    n) three phase reactive energy
    o) three phase apparent energy
    p) hour meter
  • Serial communication with MODBUS-RTU or PROFIBUS or LON-WORKS protocol
  • Ethernet output


  • Multifunction serial interface for conversion of RS485 communication port in ethernet bus with TCP/IP protocol (DIN rail mounting - 3 modules)
  • Multifunctional serial interface for conversion from MODBUS-RTU in PROFIBUS protocol (DIN rail mouting - 6 modules)

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