Temperature transmitters and signal conditioners

configurable by android APP/NFC

Programming interfaces

configurable signal converters

Programming interfaces for PC

Bridge-Gateway & serial isolators

The Temperature transmitters and signal conditioners produced by the company EL.CO. are essentially divided into 3 parts:

1. Modules suitable for the mounting on DIN probe
2. Dip switch - PC - Android App - NFC - configurable modules
3. Converters of serial lines

Modules suitable for mounting on DIN probe, realized in a self extinguishing plastic made case, are easily programmable by PC and supply an output signal perfectly linear with the input signal pointed out by the temperature probe.

Dip switch – PC - App Android - NFC - configurable modules are realized in a 7,5mm and 12.5mm case with possibility of mounting on DIN bar.
The working of the devices is based on the use of a microprocessor which controls each function uninterrup15tedly and in a reliable way by an EL.CO. developed program. They can be programmed to accept at their input a variety of sensors and electrical parameters. Thanks to their versatility of use, they reduce the stock required to satisfy the different needs, offering a manifest economic profit.
By their working in continuous self-gauging, controlled by microprocessor, the devices grant an excellent precision and a really steady measure both in the time and with temperature variation and they aren't subject to the usual variations of circuit parameters anymore. Modules can be non insulated or having an insulation of 1500 VCA between input, output and power supply.

Converters of serial lines are realized in a 22.5 mm case with possibility of mounting on DIN bar. They realize a complete electrical insulating between the lines and represent also an important protection against troubles that may be verifiable in the industrial environments. The modules are provided with a 1500VCA isolation between input, output and power supply.

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